Campfire Orange Cakes

Camping is a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Getting a good dose of vitamin C and removing the tv from the picture brings out a kids imagination. This weekend the posse of children camping with us created entire fortresses build for the little creatures they trapped with their homemade traps. It took all weekend to create a maze of trails complete with sticks and bridges. What tiring work! At the end of the day they could barely keep their little eyes open but I was sure these Campfire Orange Cakes would do the trick. How fun to have your own little individual orange flavored cake to spoon out of an orange peel!

Cake batter (I like yellow but chocolate would be good too)


  1. Prepare cake batter according to instructions.
  2. Cut end off of orange (just enough to get to the meat and create a “lid”)
  3. Remove orange meat (insides)
  4. Spoon cake batter into hollowed out orange shells
  5. Replace end and cover with tinfoil
  6. Throw into campfire coals
  7. Leave 6-8 min
  8. Carefully remove and enjoy!

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