Christmas Tree Water Solution

I recently read that fake Christmas trees now outsell real trees. That is such a bummer because one of our family’s favorite Christmas time traditions is trekking through the snow-covered mountains to cut our own real tree (no we don’t buy ours either). In my opinion, no scented candle holds a candle to the smell of a real pine tree in your living room. Speaking of candles, however, don’t get the candle too close as you approach the new year. A dry Christmas tree can be set ablaze by many things making it a fire hazard, not to mention a pain to drag out of the house. My mother-in-law has the perfect “solution” that keeps your real Christmas tree fresh. This has kept our tree green long into the new year and has even produced new growth on our Christmas tree! Especially if you cut your own tree but even if you buy it at a lot, try this recipe for your tree. I think your tree will think it is very tasty!

Christmas Tree Solution

1. Cut bottom 1″ off of tree stump

2. Mix solution of:

1Gal warm water

2C Karo Syrup

4t Bleach

3. Add water to tree stand and monitor closely for the next several days. The tree will use larger amounts of water at first. Do not let the tree run out of water. This will cause the stump to reseal and it will need to be recut (this is complicated since you probably already have the ornaments on at this time).

4. Enjoy the beautiful sights and scents of the season!

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